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Victorine Q. Adams Community Barbecue

The Victorine Q. Adams Community Barbecue is a production of The 3200 Carlisle Block Association Inc. It is an opportunity for residents of the community to meet and greet with one another and present community information on a personal level. The 3200 Carlisle Block Association has in its constitution that it will reach out to the surrounding communities. We shall sponsor creative attempts to improve the conditions of all aspects of the neighborhood through mutual consent of actions for the good of all.


There have beenseven annual barbecues and we will be presenting our eighth on Saturday, August 27th, 2016. There have been well over one hundred residents of the community and special guests in attendance at our recent barbecues. Previous special guests include: This year we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of hanlon Improvement association, Inc. and commemorating it's original members. The theme of this years event is Health Awareness with presentations  by LifeBrpidge Health, Level Products and Karen jackson Nursing .

Special guests include Doc. Cheatum fomer NAACP President. Tom Phillips of City Council President Jack Youngs Office.



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