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Victorine Q. Adams Community Garden

Our Victorine Q. Adams Community Garden is a beacon in the center of The Hanlon Park Community. It has been rooted in the community since Spring 2008 and has sprouted into a charming flower and vegetable habitat for humanity. Lots 19 and 20 127 ft. SW of Carlisle and Vickers is the location of our habitat. It has been deeded to our community by Baltimore City Land and baltimore GreenSpace since 2016. With the help of numerous members of our community we have grown enough produce to supply The St Cecilia’s Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry with over two hundred pounds of fresh veggies. Our oasis also renders vegetables throughout the community. The Garden offers a place of solitude and an open grassy area for community gatherings as well as social events.


The Victorine Q. Adams is sponsored by Baltimore City Adopt- A- Lot Program, Parks and People Foundation, Life Bridge Health, Wm. L. Adams Foundation, 3200 Carlisle Block Association, Inc., Home Depot and Woman Power. These sponsors granted our community an opportunity to turn, what was a natural disaster zone, into a place that we all take pride in being a member. This area was once a dwelling of rats, mice, trash and a place dog and cats would come to die. It holds now; butterflies, honey bees, robins and squirrels.


The Green Thumbers Garden Club meets early spring and begins the maturation and early planting of our crops. Some people grow their own plots. However it is primarily set up as a co-op that we all share. We set an area aside for our donations to St Cecilia’s. Vegetable selections we have grown are various but generally we grow kale, collards, tomatoes, green peppers, green beans and cucumbers. We are planning this year to put our brand into some of the local farmers markets.

We plan to open a community market stand this spring to make available to our residents fresh organic produce as in the style of Pennsylvania. Amish Makets of lancaster, PA.



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