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All events and projects are planned out and ratified by small committee groups made of Association members and interested members outside of our Association. We have tendered financing through resident dues, fund raisers, and donations to support these projects and events.

Community Garden

Our Victorine Q. Adams Community Garden is a beacon in the center of The Hanlon Park Community. It has been rooted in the community since 2008 and has sprouted into a charming flower and vegetable habitat for humanity.With the help of numerous members of our community. Our oasis has grown enough produce to giveaway free produce to the community. 

Our founder, Linda Lewis , is gone to nature but not forgotten. 

Annual Community Barbeque


The Victorine Q. Adams Community Barbecue is a production of The 3200 Carlisle Block Association Inc. It is an opportunity for residents of the community to meet and greet with one another and present community information on a personal level. The 3200 Carlisle Block Association has...{READ MORE}

Hilton Elementary Festival
VQA Gardens has been sponsoring a community festival at Hilton Elementary School since before the pandemic. It focuses on the works the Green Earth Environmental team has been doing, teaching environmental awareness in the after school program
Project Green Earth
Environmental Youth Mentorship 
Victorine Q. Adams Community Gardens has expanded its mission to include environmental awareness and basic gardening mentorship for youth and seniors. We have a gratuity program of teaching gardening 7 months a year. It includes tree planting, gardening, community cleanups and also teach at local Hilton Elementary School 21 after school program. This is done in their school garden we maintain and classroom studies.
Hanlon Improvement Association, Inc.


The Hanlon Improvement Association, Inc. has been a long time leader in our community. It dates back over forty years and has implemented social and environmental change within our community. Our 3200 Carlisle Block Association, Inc. is part of her fabric and is a result of her actions. We are the result of a program to have a network of block associations tied into the Hanlon Improvement Association. We are proud to be a member of the group and support all the programs they introduce to the community.

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