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Snow Removal Service

A snow removal service is made available to all residents on a block by block and house by house assignment. We were disabled as a community and a city in the 2010 year with a powerful blizzard. This storm was doubled two days later with an additional snow dumping, which left us crippled from moving our cars are even walking to them. There was no city service or ambulatory service capable of responding to us.


Fortunately, we are a tight knit community and we pooled our services a cleared a pathway to the main road and eventually dug everyone’s car out. Each sidewalk and walkway was cleaned and virtual normal life lines were restored to our community. This group action was applauded by all and strengthened our resolve to make improvements for our community and its services. It was wonderful to witness wives offering sandwiches a coffee to the men and teens, as we plowed our way to the main road. With just shovels and brooms we endured a environmental catastrophe and altered the shape of her discourse. We vowed to create a solution to prevent this from crippling us again and causing many residents to endure back pains and blistered hands.


A new snow plan was initiated in 2012 by our 3200 Carlisle Block Association Council. 2014 it has been modified and states that residents are required to pay Block Association dues which include a surcharge of 13.75 for an initial street cleaning. Every snow after the first is billed at the end of the snow season. A deposit is required also for services to clear and treat with ice melt of your sidewalk and walkway. The sidewalk service is $40.80 for each snow storm of four inches and greater. We do not offer service for small snow storms and dusting. We will have the street, ice melt treated in incidents of a severe black ice storm.




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