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Speed Camera In Our Community

Johhny Shaw

February 1, 2014

In light of the current inquiry into the audit of speed cameras, I am compelled to make a comment of a personal view point. We currently have at least six cameras guarding our perimeters within a five mile radius. It is almost impossible to enter our neighborhood without being monitoried by Baltimore City Traffic Police. I have been ticketed on numerous occassions and have contributed hundreds of my hard earned dollars to a private company in Conneticut which receives half of these gratuities. On each occasion I exceeded the speed limit by a minimum of three mph. I went to court four times and beat the ticket once. On one occasion I had a heated debate with the camera proctor who represented the Conneticut based company on the accuracy of the camera. The camera said I made a right on red, which is perfectly legal on Belvedere and Wabash Avenue. The judge told me if I continue to debate and argue that he would have me arrested. I then responded as I left the court that if I can't debate this summons then what is the point of having this mock court hearing.

It is my personal view point that these cameras are simply a money grab. The cameras are not accurate and many people are being summoned for inaccurate violations. On several occasions traffic has been snarled as people slam on their brakes at a last ditch effort to avoid triggering the camera. My motion would be, " the current ticketing method should be eliminated and all monies be refunded".

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