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Why I like growing up in the Hanlon Park Community by Joshua Williams

I live in the house where my mom grew up. Most of our neighbors were here when my grand-parents bought our house. I really like the stories they tell me about our community. I was born in the Hanlon Park Community so I pretty much know all of my neighbors. They are very nice to my parents and me. They are always ready to help anyone out like when the snow is high, we all work together to shovel the snow and clear the ice. Some of the Moms give us hot chocolate or coffee and when the rain storms come, our neighbors check the block to make sure everybody is safe.

I like Hanlon Park for many reasons. First, I can play a lot with my dad and sister in Hanlon Park. When I was younger, my mom used to take us there to ride the swings or go down the sliding board. My dad would take us to ride our bikes or play baseball. Today, sometimes we all walk around the reservoir to get exercise. We would talk about the houses and how they are designed. Hanlon Park has a great view of Baltimore City downtown skyline from the crest of her reservoir.

Once a year our Community association has a great barbeque. Everybody works together, and we have really great food and music. Some of the older neighbors reflect on past events, and last year we honored our neighbors who are Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sometimes, we have special guests who come and talk to us. People like City Councilman Nick Mosby, former Congressman Kwesi Mfume, and Maryland State Senator Catherine Pugh. We even have a Community Garden named in honor of 2 of the former residents: William L and Victorine Q. Adams. We get really good vegetables from the garden. Mr. Kevin Dorn works extremely hard to keep the garden growing and Mrs. Veronica Simmons makes sure we all get our share.

Hanlon Park is a really great community because we all work together and that is how communities are supposed to be: people helping people.

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